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But I was hopeful it would be a long-term arrangement, where I could help raise the kids for years to come. An important chore was cooking, and I rustled up some pasta for the kids, Isabella, 8, Cameron, 7, and 4-year-old Jack. She angrily walked across to the table, scooped up some pasta with his spoon and put it into his mouth.

The boy swallowed eagerly.

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As the weeks went by, I was treated more like a dog than a nanny. Throughout my hour day, I was constantly on my feet. I had no breaks and was entitled to just one Sunday off every two weeks. But if I thought I was getting the short end of the stick, then I had to consider the kids. They hardly spent any time with their parents, who were mostly too busy or preoccupied to pay them attention. He would wake up early and liked to go into their room for a cuddle. Taking a chance, I pulled his arms to me, trying to give him a hug.

All of a sudden, tears sprouted from his eyes. Everything revolved around the delivery. The high point of the day was the UPS truck rolling up.

It was also a point of contention. His mom was offended. The kids immediately shut up. But it was too late. The Lady had already hung up. It was Cameron, a shy, sensitive boy, who seemed to suffer the most. He liked to be driven there in comfort by me or his mom.

But his parents wanted him to be more social and comfortable around his peers. One day, we had to physically stuff him into the bus. The reason? This story only gets more disturbing, though. Lyon had been employed to care for children in several other places in the past, including Legoland, the YMCA, and some elementary schools. Nanny cams, those clever little devices that allow a parent to secretly watch what their babysitter and child are doing, have caught many bad caretakers in action.

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But what the parents of one month-old boy had to watch on their own nanny cam is absolutely tragic. Identified only as Nicole and Amanda, the parents hired year old Moriah Gonzales to watch their infant through a website called care.

Nanny Nightmare Stories

When they returned home from an outing, they found a gruesome scene. When Amanda and Nicole arrived back home on February 18, , they found their precious son dead. Surveillance footage from their nanny cam told them exactly what had happened.

'Nightmare nanny' Diane Stretton no longer living inside ex-employers' home

The video showed Gonzales trying to calm the baby as he cried. She initially paced with him but then held her hands up to his face. His cries went quiet. The boy started to kick and squirm before his little body went limp. Gonzales put him back in his crib. The next day, police contacted Moriah Gonzales, and she gave a story inconsistent with what the video evidence had shown.

Forced Accomplices

She was later charged with child abuse and ordered to stay away from all children under The child was not in any way mishandled or mistreated. In a gruesome case that made headlines around the world, a year-old babysitter and mother of three named Gulchekhra Bobokulov decapitated a child she was caring for and paraded the head around in the streets. This horrific incident unfolded in front of shocked onlookers on February 29, , at a metro station in Moscow. Half a dozen police officers swarmed the scene and wrestled the deranged Bobokulova to the ground before she was brought into custody.

Bobokulova smiled during much of her courtroom appearance. She claimed that she was spurred to kill by the voice of Allah, and that the heinous act was intended as revenge against Russian president Vladimir Putin for his involvement in the Syrian civil war and crimes against Muslims. They lived in a posh apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the family enjoyed a happy and active lifestyle full of fun and smiles.

A part-time nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, helped with housework and babysitting.

Life would ever be the same for the Krims again. Nanny Yoselyn Ortega was supposed to bring Lulu and Leo along to meet with their mother and sister Nessie. She rushed upstairs to the apartment and discovered a shocking scene: her babies, covered in blood and stab wounds in a bathroom. After catching his babysitter brutally beating his toddler, the girl's father tracked down the babysitter and exacted his revenge. The man was arrested by police, but released once the police saw the video.

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The babysitter was arrested and charged with attempted murder. After a three-year-old told her babysitter that she had pooped in the tub, the girl got angry and forced the tiny baby to eat her own feces. The babysitter was, of course, arrested and charged with one count of domestic abuse. Most of these babysitters could be in the running for worst babysitter of all time.

Before you post to Craigslist offering up prime nanny jobs in your household, make sure their kit of babysitting games and supplies comes with basic common sense. Or even better, consider just staying home with your kids every night until they turn Hey, it may be the safest option. The Most Nostalgia-Inducing '90s Toys.