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The Nativity: History and Legend [Geza Vermes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Nativity is the very heart of the Christian tradition.
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Tao Te Ching. There Is More. Brian Houston. To Light a Fire on the Earth. John L. Allen, Jr. An Old-Fashioned Christmas. Jackie Corley. The Circle of the Way. Thupten Jinpa. Lao Tzu and Lao Tzu. Follow the Star. The Way of the Rose. Clark Strand and Perdita Finn. A Month of Sundays. Eugene H.

62: A Christmas Primer: Exploring the Nativity in Scripture, Legend, History, and Hearts

The Lost Art of Scripture. Karen Armstrong. Kathy Keller and Timothy Keller. Miracle on 10th Street. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. John Mark Comer. Modern Tantric Buddhism. Justin von Bujdoss. Timothy M. For Small Creatures Such as We.

The Nativity: History And Legend

Sasha Sagan. My Real Story. Becky Thompson. Free to Believe. Luke Goodrich. Zen Is Right Here.

Review: Geza Vermes, “The Nativity: History and Legend” – Roger Pearse

Anne Graham Lotz. A Pilgrimage to Eternity. Timothy Egan. Double Blessing. Good Things Out of Nazareth. Be the Bridge. Latasha Morrison. Strength to Love. Martin Luther King, Jr. Outgrowing God. Perhaps most important, however, is the discussion of how and why the panelists and many other Christians throughout history, knowing all that they know about what likely is and is not factual about traditional accounts, still celebrate Christmas, joyfully sing carols alongside those for whom the stories are less complicated, and experience this season as spiritually enriching.

Sunstone magazine article by Stephen E. Mentioned by Dan a few times during the podcast. Also mentioned by Dan during the podcast. Wow, but you left out my favorite myth. Samuel the Laminate was one of the Wise Guys.

Frank Kermode reviews ‘The Nativity’ by Geza Vermes · LRB 4 January

He have time 5 years, knew about the Star and there was plenty of gold around. Plus he went to Jerusalem first not Bethlehem because he had the Book of Alma with him. How could we have forgotten that one! Wow, we better throw out this first attempt and re-record to be sure to give it proper attention! Seriously, however, we did consider adding into the conversation complications to the Christmas story and moves to render it primarily mythical rather than factual that come up when one folds in certain statements and claims in LDS discourse and scripture.

We decided it was just a bit too much to cover—the episode ended up 2. This was totally The Best podcast and I have listened to practically every one of them. I loved it, loved it, loved it. Tears flowing at the end of it. It gave me such comfort, such an ability to relax and let it just be. Gave me so much needed permission to embrace multitude of beliefs simultaneously without one being more elevated over another. The podcast content was near perfect for me, and perhaps very timely for me personally in this space in my life.

Thank you for creating it.

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I just loved what every panelist shared, a review of information I dd know with a large sprinkling of new information that seated so many pieces of my puzzle….. Holy deconstruction of the Nativity story! As a one time collector of many different kinds of nativity sets, I am thinking I will never look at them the same again.

Any one else feel this way? Thank you all For a fascinating few hours!! Lietta and Jeralee, Thank you for writing in!

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  5. Glad this podcast has been a positive to both of you. Merry Christmas to both of you and everyone else! I bet if you survey a Sunday school class the vast majority have heard this and would probably agree with the April 6 date. For the record here are the statements that have led Mormons to believe in the April 6 dating.

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    Birth: Thursday, 6 April 1 B. This was a very influential article as it attempts to prove astronomically that April 6 is correct.

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    3. Der Tod kommt wie gerufen: Roman (Die Tempe-Brennan-Romane 11) (German Edition).
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    6. Ensign, July , p. Then on 6 April , President Spencer W.

      The Christmas Story - Birth Of JESUS CHRIST - Bible Story For Children - Bedtime Stories For Kids

      While these statements may not have been intended as declarations of doctrine, they do add to the impression that the literal interpretation of Doctrine and Covenants is generally accepted in the Church, favoring the acceptance of 6 April 1 B. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, , pp. It must be remembered that this revelation in Section twenty of the Doctrine and Covenants was given before the Church was organized—at sundry times between the first and the sixth of April—and that the prophet was instructed to organize the Church on the sixth day of April, , hence it was not mere chance that determined the day on which that organization took place….

      Roberts, , It is claimed by many Biblical scholars that December 25th, the day celebrated in Christendom as Christmas, cannot be the correct date. This acceptance is admittedly based on faith in modern revelation, and in no wise is set forth as the result of chronological research or analysis. Talmage, , Thanks, KC. As it was happening, I knew I was blowing up this section.

      Sorry about my derailing! What you lay out here is great to have in front of us. Do you want to argue for accepting the date? Are you simply saying it really IS part of Mormon culture? And if the latter, do you think it should it be i.