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Escape from Alcatraz – The real story

No one even knew I was gone. Wilson was eventually transferred away from Leavenworth, and in he wrote of the strange tale of the prisoner Hadad in his book My Six Convicts , which chronicles his time with some of his patients at the prison, with Hadad certainly standing out. It certainly sounds like this must be a sensationalized account, but Wilson was a professional psychiatrist and it seems odd that he would make up such a wild tale.

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Was Hadad ever real and if so where did he get his powers? It remains unknown. A similar case involving a mysterious individual with seemingly magical powers reportedly happened in the s in the subnational kingdom of Buganda, located within the African nation of Uganda.

During this exile a mysterious man who called himself Kibuka Kiganira Omumbale, more commonly known to everyone as Mathias Sewanyana, set up camp at the top of Mutundwe Hill, near Nateete.

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He apparently had a long history of being possessed by various magical spirits, and his brother would say of this ability in a interview in Drum Magazine :. Well, the ghosts originally possessed his great-grandfather and, as you are well aware, in Buganda, when the old people die the spirits pick up one of the young grandsons.

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  • In the case of our family, they [spirits] chose Mathias Sewanyana to be their priest and gave him the name Kibuka Kiganira Omumbale. From this camp at the top of the hill, Sewanyana proclaimed that he had arrived to deliver the king from exile, and he began to amass supporters and followers, who congregated at the hill and performed mystical rituals to invoke the power of the spirits to use towards their goals.

    The group became so large and unruly that Bugandan police orchestrated a raid on February 13, , during which they met stiff resistance from a violent and armed mob, ending in the death of a Constable Samuel Nsubuga. The police were so overwhelmed by the fierce crowd that they retreated, only to return on February 28, , along with reinforcements in the form of Capt Anderson, a British officer, and a company of soldiers. This seemed to do the trick, and the mob was dispersed and Sewanyana arrested. He was later sentenced to hang, and was imprisoned at the notorious Maximum Security Prison Luzira, in Kampala.

    There he was kept on constant high-alert guard night and day, yet one evening when his locked and secured cell was opened Sewanyana was nowhere to be seen. The cell showed no signs of tampering, no broken locks no tunnels, nothing. Likewise, none of the guards stationed at his cell hours a day had seen anything suspicious or strange and security footage showed nothing.

    6 Insane Prison Escapes That Actually Happened

    He had simply vanished into thin air. A subsequent investigation turned up no solution as to how Sewanyana has managed to escape, and it continued to baffle officials. In the meantime, rather than fading away the sorcerer had taken up camp at another location to continue his mad crusade, and on September 23, he was rearrested. They took a taxi to the town of Sandown, where they spent four days trying to steal planes and boats while sleeping rough in a field.

    The three men were eventually discovered by an off-duty prison officer. P arkhurst's security level was downgraded in the aftermath of the escape attempt.

    prison escapes funny bizarre and true stories Manual

    Yoga practitioner Choi Gap-bok provided the history books with a new take on prison escape methods. Rather than bend his cell bars out of shape, he bent himself out of shape, slipping through the tiny slot at the bottom of the cell that's used to give prisoners food. The manoeuvre apparently took only 34 seconds. G ap-bok was rearrested six days later and placed in a cell with a much smaller food slot.

    Mysterious Cases of People Who Teleported Out of Prison

    Wetzler, a Slovakian jew, escaped from Auschwitz with fellow inmate Rudolf Vrba in April by hiding in a wood pile that other inmates soaked with tobacco and gasoline to fool guard dogs. After four nights hiding among the wood, the two men donned stolen suits and overcoats and began a 80 mile journey to the Polish border with Slovakia.

    In his pockets, Wetzler carried a report on the inner workings of the death camp, including a ground plan, details of the gas chambers, and a label from a canister of Zyklon B — the gas that the Nazi's used to kill millions of inmates. It was the first detailed report about Auschwitz that the Allies regarded as credible, and led to the bombing of buildings that housed Nazi officials who dealt with the railway deportations.

    F rench murderer Pascal Payet has gained international notoriety for his role in a series of daring prison breaks that used helicopters as their modus operandi. Payet's first escape came in , when he arranged for friends to collect him from the roof of a village prison in a helicopter. Two years later, he orchestrated a rerun of the events to help three more prisoners escape the confines of the jail.

    Payet was later caught and sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder in Despite being one of France's most closely watched prisoners, he managed to again break free of the law in by taking advantage of Bastille Day celebrations to jump into a hijacked helicopter flown by four masked men. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Lifestyle Men The Filter.