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Helen Hunt in I See You () Helen Hunt at an event for I See You () Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney at an event for I See You () Helen Hunt and Adam.
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Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. Super Reviewer. Share on Facebook. Movie Info Infidelity has put great strain on the Harper household as Greg, the lead investigator in a child abduction case which has brought into the spotlight a similar case from years past, struggles to find a way to forgive his well-heeled wife, Jackie.

As Jackie's guilt slowly gnaws away at her sanity, a malicious presence begins manifesting itself in the Harper house, putting their young son, Connor, in mortal danger. An unexpected and quite literal change in perspective reveals a ghost from the past and the cold, hard truth about the evil in the Harper household is finally uncovered. Adam Randall II.

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Devon Graye. Helen Hunt. Jon Tenney. Judah Lewis. Owen Teague. Libe Barer. Gregory Alan Williams.

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Erika Alexander. Allison King.

MISSIO - I See You (Audio)

Apr 22, Full Review…. Mar 25, Rating: 4. Mar 20, Rating: 6. Mar 15, Full Review…. Mar 15, Rating: 2. Mar 14, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews See All Audience Reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Anyone raising a teenager knows that nagging is more effective electronically than face-to-face.

Keeping up a social life with unreliable hours is no easy feat, either. My friends and I now resort to scheduling programs such as Doodle to plan group dinners. Read: The scheduling woes of adult friendship. What makes the changing cadences of labor most nepreryvka -like, however, is that they divide us not just at the micro level, within families and friend groups, but at the macro level, as a polity. Time-use studies show that weekends continue to allow more socializing, civic activity, and religious worship than weekdays do.

A low-level sense of guilt attaches to those stretches of time not spent working. A soccer game ought to impose an ethos of not working on a parent, and offer a chance to chat with neighbors and friends. I s there any hope for clawing back some shared time off?

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Teams would pull together to arrange one weeknight off per member per week. Not at the same time—clients still expected someone to be on call at all hours—but on different nights. PTO turned out to be surprisingly complicated.

Schedules had to be repeatedly adjusted to ensure that all evenings were covered. Not everyone liked the new system. Drill down on why, though, and the answer does more to confirm the problem than suggest a solution. PTO made people meet more frequently and talk frankly to one another. They bonded. It was the together time, not the nights off, that made employees happier and more effective. In her book, The Good Jobs Strategy , the MIT business professor Zeynep Ton argues that on-demand scheduling may prove to have higher costs than benefits: Companies, especially ones that depend on customer service, lose money and market share when they desynchronize their labor force.

She offers the example of Home Depot. When it opened in , the company invested in full-time workers with home-improvement expertise.

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It quickly became the market leader. But then Home Depot began losing money, largely because of inefficient operations. In , a new CEO imposed discipline in the company. Home Depot started hiring more part-timers, most of them less knowledgeable than the full-timers.

The Gap, IKEA, and a handful of other retailers have been trying to figure out how to mitigate the damage of inconsistent shifts. Wall Street demands improved quarterly earnings and encourages the kind of short-term thinking that drives executives to cut their most expensive line item: labor.

If we want to alter the cadences of collective time, we have to act collectively, an effort that is itself undermined by the American nepreryvka. Reform is possible, however. France and Italy have passed such laws.

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All the silverware goes missing. To spoil the rest would be to spoil the bitter, twisty cocktail Randall has concocted. It may be about jealousy and its consequences. It may be about relationships and what it is that makes us stay together. Or it may just be me, tacking on themes onto a somewhat-messy canvas. While Randall maintains tension and a palpable sense of ambiguity, his film also happens to be a bit slow and clumsy, biting off more than it can chew.

It especially gets laughably convoluted towards the end, where plausibility is stretched to its ripping point.