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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Donald Wells is a YEAR ZERO PUBLISHING author. Book 5 of 8 in The Reynolds Family Saga (8 Book Series) .
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View the book challenge infographic. Further, materials were challenged due to "occult" or "Satanic" themes, an additional were challenged due to their "religious viewpoint," and because they were "anti-family. Please note that the number of challenges and the number of reasons for those challenges do not match because works are often challenged on more than one ground. There were challenges to materials used in college classes, and 30 to academic libraries.

There are isolated cases of challenges to library materials made available in or by prisons, special libraries, community groups, and students. The vast majority of challenges were initiated by parents 2, , with patrons and administrators to follow and respectively.

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This number reflects all the challenges we received since July 31, for the time period. Freak the Mighty. By Rodman Philbrick. Not a lot to say that can do justice to this book.

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They forge a transcendent symbiotic relationship and become Freak the Mighty, sticking up for each other, living for each other. A riveting, poignant, sad but ultimately rewarding book. Daniel Pinkwater.

A heartwarming mystery about boy and his pound pet chicken. What else do you need to know? For clever kids. Pinkwater also has many other books worth checking into.

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Some under-the-top gruesome scenes occur, but this is a great survival story both on the literal and figurative levels. The Lawn Boy receives a riding lawnmower for his 12th birthday, and his mowing business takes wings.

The Reynolds Family Saga Book Series:

When Arnold, a hippie stockbroker! By Chris Rylander. Mac and his "business manager" Vince hold court in the fourth stall of the boys' bathroom at their school, and can "take care" of any "problems" a kid might have, usually for a reasonable price. Mac does make it clear, however, that "sometime in the future, I may ask a favor of you Fun and clever writing; the kind of books kids will say are their favorites. Nathan is a half-dead zombie who tries to come to terms with his new problems, and make the best of it.

Lots of fun, adventure, humor.

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Lubar is an extremely enjoyable writer for reluctant readers. By Catherine Jinks. Fun and engrossing and thought-provoking for kids. Perhaps downright frightening for adults who know how little our education system provides for intelligent kids. A tour de force. I could try to explain the plot a little more, but that would only confuse things. Rex is a writer that kids will either fall in love with or not understand, because he's smart and witty and sly and never writes down to his readers. He thinks they're smart and witty and sly, too.

By Crystal Allen. Lamar is the youngest of two sons in a single-parent family run by his overworked father who's struggling to stay involved in his kids' lives since his wife died a year ago. To Lamar, his family's fortunes seem to hinge on his brother, "Xavier the Basketball Savior. Yeah, bowling. The resentment between the two brothers is palpable, and simmers around the edges of the story's conflict. When all of Lamar's relationships unravel as a result of one bad major decision, he and the entire community must reconsider the meaning of friendships, reliability and responsibility.

Allen deftly handles the morals without being too intense, or too didactic. The reader is taken along on a wonderful little journey as Lamar evolves from a wise-guy caricature to a kid you really want to root for. This is a well paced horror story. Nine high school students get invited to a Halloween party they will never forget. Stine does a masterful job of building the suspense, and continually catching the reader by surprise.

Paramilitary fairies, a year-old criminal genius and all the fantasy and action a turned-off reader could want. Because there are battles and futuristic weaponry in here, parents with concerned about violence may want to look at this one first. By Kenneth Oppel. Fascinating, thoughtful YA fiction that will appeal to thoughtful boys geared toward any branches of science. By Salvatore Tomasi. Nicky and his friends are average year-olds who have fun all summer long.

Then Tommy dares the boys to do something extremely risky. Against the backdrop of family relationships the themes of right and wrong are pursued in a non-preachy way. The Thing About Georgie.

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By Gordon Korman. Korman is often funny, always entertaining, deceptively creative—and yet the kind of writer adults can learn from as well.

In a book report, Wallace tells his teacher that the assigned book is boring, predictable and sad, which starts a mini-war that eventually involves the whole school in a number of venues. You can imagine what happens from there. By Brian Falkner. Mysteries are the number-one-selling genre in America, and one of the few genres along with nonfiction where male readers outnumber female readers. This book can satisfy readers from ten to, well, at least forty, has a fast-moving plot with heart-thumping action, likeable and detestable characters, and a good helping of attitude from its two protagonists, Tommy and his best friend, New Zealand immigrant Luke.

But that book also happens to be worth millions—to the man who wants it to travel in time and resurrect the Nazi Empire. Just the right amount of historical fact pace the book perfectly as Tommy and Luke struggle to rescue their kidnapped teacher and pursue the German man who could use the book to bring the nuclear bomb to Hitler in time to change the course of the war. A great page-turner that emphasizes fun over the history lessons that will surely be learned along the way.

A great book for kids who grew up on Jon Scieszka!

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A fresh voice for an archetypal story. Palacio's first-person narrative of Augier Pullman's first year of non-home-schooling is sensitive and tender, but the dialogue is spot-on. The dust jacket copy tells you all you need to know good job of writing that! He's about to enter fifth grade at Beecher Prep, and if you've ever been the new kid, then you know how hard that can be. I would wish that I could walk down the street without people seeing me and then doing that look-away thing But I'm kind of used to how I look by now. I know how to pretend I don't see the faces people make.

By Peter Lerangis. Fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series should rejoice at this one.